Rebel Scarf 2.0

Rebel Keffiyeh 2.0

Custom made Arabic Keffiyah Scarf with an original Star Wars design featuring the Rebellion logo and a pattern of X-Wings.
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Arabic Geek Tees

Arabic Geek Tees

Original designed Star Wars and Star Trek logo T-Shirts in Arabic. Many different variants are available on-demand.
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Retro SW Logo Tee

Retro SW Logo Tee

If you're in the UK you can buy the Retro Arabic Star Wars T-Shirt design, available only in blue on white, directly from me.
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Rebel Keffiyeh


A custom made Arabic Shemagh/Keffiyah Scarf with an original Star Wars design prominently featuring the Rebellion/Resistance logo and (300 or so) silhouettes of X-Wing Fighters all over it. Red on Black scarf is approx 110cm square, machine woven 100% cotton with BLACK tassells in each corner.

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Rebel Scarves Already Sold


£GBP Raised for Charity (from both scarves, so far)

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